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Hello Guys

Camilla! It's Me

Camilla is the kitten you see on the side is me.

I was born in 2017 and precisely on July 23rd…. and as my mistress says on the day of the family since most of them were born on the 23rd of a few months during the year.

I’m the last of 4 kittens and I was a bit unkempt and they said I had little hope of going on baby, I ate little and always slept but now I’m here in great shape.

Vita da gatti
The Princess

Camilla with short legs

100% spoiled and I take advantage of it
Cuddles... No Thanks!!! Only if I feel like it
100% Silence.... I don't meow. Only if strictly necessary!

Camilla and the Family

Camilla and the music
Camilla and the music

one of the things that relaxes me most is the music but not the classical one or the love one are those noises

The Terrible Two
The Terrible Two

here I am again talking to you. Today I want to talk about the terrible two … or Teo & Tabù the “last” arrived in the house.

Cats & Play
Cats & Play

here is a new post from your lazy cat and a bit of a princess.

What if you call me?
What if you call me?

Here I am, has your cat had a new idea to talk to you?
Have you ever wondered if we recognize our name or not?
Prrr. I only do it if I like her!

OMG Stop her
OMG Stop her

In my feline navigation through the world of cats, something interesting is always discovered.

Viele – Our beloved mother cat
Viele – Our beloved mother cat

Viele is our mom. Born on May 31, 2014.
She is a very lucky cat with the typical tricolor coat of female cats, so the doctor said on his visit.

vita da gatti
Who care us


Here is who feeds us and who we enjoy damning. Her name is Leila.

She saw all 8 of us being born and never left us a moment.
She told us that our mother “fell from the sky” on August 5, 2015 and was found on a rainy morning.
Leila took her home and she never separated from her.

She is a lover of photographs …. always portraying us with the camera. She has her personal site. Visit it

Grisù and Pisolo

Camilla has a special thought

Vita da gatti


My saint. He has taken care of me since I was born. Always close and walked side by side. Unfortunately he left us in December 2020 after almost 19 years. A myth
Vita da gatti


He left us on the same day as Grisu but a year earlier at the age of 17. Fearful shy but with two fantastic blue eyes. Leila loved it.