Vita da gatti

I laugh

Here I am, has your cat had a new idea to talk to you?
Have you ever wondered if we recognize our name or not?
Prrr. I only do it if I like her!

For example, when it’s time to eat and I hear Leila calling Camiii. I run…
My belly is unforgiving. When we eat we eat.
But other times I just totally ignore it.
You know what I like … hiding eheheh. And there is no way to get me out of my hiding places.

Once upon a time Leila got up and gave food but I was not hungry.
And I could hear her calling me but I totally ignored the matter by staying hidden. I heard her leave the house. Get off and I heard her call sometimes close, sometimes far away, I think she went all the way around the block.

But I kept ignoring and sleeping .

She then she came back she took things and left for hours. I think about working. Eh, you have to make money to make all 4 of us eat.

In any case, after a few hours she came back and I decided to show me.
Very calmly, I stretched, stretched out my legs and left my hiding place.

I won’t tell you Leila’s face when she saw me walking from the studio to the kitchen.
She simply exclaimed: “Where the hell were you !!!”. You think I understand something. I looked at it as if nothing had happened and I went to eat 4 treats because I felt like it.

Vita da gatti

Mom laughed

You know the funny thing? Mom was looking at me from the corner of the kitchen and she had a grin.

Later she told me that when she was little something similar happened to her too.
Since Mother used to fall from the terrace, one morning Leila had not found her.
It was the time of the Heat… so she was even more worried about her disappearance. I was not yet in the process of arriving.

The fact is that Leila looked for her for 5 hours all around and called her.
The mami laughed 4 and she felt that she was being called but she did not make any sign of presence…. Not even a meow to say I’m here. The fact is that after 5-6 hours Leila accidentally opened the door of the wardrobe “et voilà” she was there !!

You will say that we are spiteful….

We call it fun if not how do we spend our days?

Hairy kisses yours


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