Una gatta caduta dal cielo


Viele is our mom. Born on May 31, 2014.
She is a very lucky cat with the typical tricolor coat of female cats, so the doctor said on his visit.
Our human mom went to work on a rainy morning (August 5th).

Before entering the office he saw a ball of black fur in the middle of the sidewalk of the building. She walked over to this little black gouge, all wet and couldn’t leave it there.
He took this kitten to the office and put her in a box with a towel.
He bought her food and kept her there all day until it was time to go home.
The kitten hasn’t taken her eyes off her all day. At 5 o’clock, finished working, they are mounted in the car.

The first thing that was done was to take her to the vet. Who gave her a painkiller shot.
Viele, then it became known, had fallen from the 3rd floor and the doctor said that surely she was in pain due to the fall.
Therefore the ritual visit was made. Viele was a little over two months old kitten and was healthy.
It was time to go home where he made the acquaintance of the two “elderly” cats of the house Grisù and Pisolo. They blew her a little but … the little girl had character and immediately put them in line. We figured out who became the hostess.
Thus began his life in this house. Between pampering and attention, warmth and escapes.
We were born from these escapes of love.
The first litter: Achille, Ettore, Ebe and me Camilla.
The second litter: Teo, Rudi, Merlino and Tabù.
In short, our mom got busy !!!


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